The New Market Historical Society, Inc. (NMHS) is a non-profit organization that encourages the discovery and preservation of historical homes, buildings and other significant sites along with pictures and documents related to the New Market area. The Town of New Market has been listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places since 1972. There are 40 pre-Civil War buildings in the town.
The New Market Historical Society begins the year with its annual dinner meeting on the 4th Thursday in January. It then meets at 7:00 pm the fourth Thursday of March, May, July and September as well as the third Thursday in November. The meetings are usually held in the New Market Town Council Chambers on John Sevier Rd. in New Market although sometimes we meet at nearby historic locations.
Speakers discuss topics of local historical interest and refreshments are provided. Our meetings are open to the general public and except for our annual dinner meeting, meetings are "free".

We hope you will make plans to attend one of our meetings.

  • Next Meeting • September 26 • 7:00
    New Market Town Council Chamber
    Burning of the Valley - presented by
    Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation

    In 1864, a new kind of warfare came to the Valley. That fall, Gen. Philip Sheridan's Union army embarked on "The Burning," a systematic two-week campaign to neutralize the Shenandoah Valley's role as the "Breadbasket of the Confederacy." Thousands of mills, barns, and farm buildings were put to the torch, stores of grain and livestock were destroyed or confiscated, and livelihoods turned to ash.
    This program will look back on those events.

    Guests are invited.

    picture above borrowed from the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation website
  • Last Meeting Annual Picnic Meeting
    July 25 - 6:30 • Luray Valley Museum
    Luray Caverns, Luray, Va

    Following a "potluck" picnic in the outdoor seating area of the Heartpine Cafe the NMHS group spread out to visit the various buildings featured in the Luray Valley Museum. We started in the Stonyman building which houses historic items from pre-contact native peoples to life in the bustling 1920s. We then moved on to the 7 acre recreation of a small 19th century farming community including the Hamburg Regular School, the Elk Run Dunkard Church, and much more. We thank Rod Graves for his kind invitation to visit this unique museum and each vowed to return on their own to continue exploring this extremely interesting collection.

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  • New Market Town Hall

    9418 John Sevier Road.

    Unless otherwise specified, our meetings are held in the Town Council Chambers at the New Market Town Hall.

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    You can get driving directions to Town Hall from any location using Google Maps by clicking the map above.

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    Our logo deserves a little more than a passing glance at the top of the page. It was designed by Jean Caggiano, a charter member of NMHS. In case you never thought about the lines under our name in the logo, watch the transformation above to see what it represents.
    Thanks again Jean.